Our Ministries

Ruth & Boaz

The Ruth and Boaz Fellowship is a ministry specifically established for executive singles (35yrs and above), separated, divorced, widows and widowers in the church and the society at large. 

Though our members are from different local assemblies, we are one and the same in Christ. The aim of this fellowship is to provide support for members; meeting their specific needs, spiritually,financially, physically and emotionally through God’s Word. It provides a secure and conducive environment for members, where their views can be freely expressed, and problems shared, thus giving them a clearer vision of the beauty of their challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead of them. We provide a support network to enable members cope better with daily challenges as it affects their varied/multi-faceted needs and most importantly, give them one more reason to go on.

Assured Women

Assured Women is a ministry to encourage spiritual growth, personal development and leadership among women, and to contribute to the general welfare of the home, church, community and the world at large.

Within our fellowship we strive to ensure that the family never goes hungry, that women feel supported when in the midst of trouble and that our children's futures are secured.

The Assured Woman can be celebrated for being industrious, for holding the family together in times of war and conflict, for caring for the sick, for seeking for peace in the midst of turmoil, and for keeping the Church alive despite the many challenges that the Church faces today.


The youth ministry caters to the youths in our community. We aim to help our youths grow in faith and in turn, stir up their passion for God. We talk about real life issues and what it is like to be a christian youth in the 21st century. We demonstrate that there is fun in Christ and support our youths to fulfill their God given destiny.

Community Outreach

 As Christians, we believe it is our duty to show God's love to those around us. We do this by going around our community and sharing the word of God with free coffee and snacks. We have three main outreach ministries: Coffee Break, Christmas Outreach and Picnic in the Park (PitP).